Historic Village

The Perfect Setting for a Historic Brewery

How can you improve on an authentic recreation of an 1860s Ontario brewery? By setting it in fully re-created 1860s village with all of the workshops, homes and gardens of that era. When you visit the Black Creek Historic Brewery, you enter the world of early Ontario.

Historic Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village is set on 30 acres of rural landscape in the northwest corner of the City of Toronto. The Village includes 40 heritage buildings each outfitted entirely with period furniture, tools and household items - all drawn from our collection of over 50,000 historical artifacts. The Village also includes a farm, with heritage breeds of livestock, a working mill and twelve beautiful gardens where numerous heritage varieties of plants and vegetables are still cultivated.

Visitors can join the Black Creek Historic Brewery Tour daily to learn the whole story of how beer was made and the importance of beer to 19th Century Canada. Hear the stories of early Ontario tipplers, see where grain was milled, visit the brewery and taste the fruits of all that labour with a sampling of three of our beers!